March 9, 2023

Going Viral with OldLoserInBrooklyn (Part I)

Going Viral with OldLoserInBrooklyn (Part I)

This episode is Part I of my conversation with TikToker, fashion writer, and trend researcher Mandy Lee, also known as @oldloserinbrooklyn.

This conversation covered a multitude of topics such as:

  • Mandy's story from working in the corporate world to content creation/ freelancing
  • going viral
  • forecasting fashion trends
  • plagiarism
  • originality 
  • mistakes she’s made along the way

If you’re interested in content creation, freelancing and going viral, you’ll definitely find this conversation insightful and worth listening to.  

Part II coming next week!

Chapter Markers:

05:31 | Mandy's Leap from Corporate to Freelancing
19:22 | Starting to Post on TikTok to First Viral Video
21:58 | Going Viral
32:34 | Plagiarism and Content No Longer Belonging to You
37:43 | Challenges of Trend Forecasting, Niching, and Being Plagarized
46:27 | Mandy's Experience with Mistakes in Content Creation


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Instagram: @oldloserinbrooklyn

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Mandy's Newsletter: Cyclical

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