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Dig it

I didn’t expect to like this show as much as I do! Great interview style. So chill and pro. I really dig this show!

Learning multitudes on Multitudes from a comedian…

I found the Multitudes podcast while searching for quick ways to boost confidence before starting a new task I’ve never done before. I ran across Nicole (the host) interviewing a comedian named Will. He talked about being scared on stage and it spoke to me. I like this show.

Lots of potential

After just a few episodes, it’s clear that Multitudes has gotten off to a great start. I like the variety of topics and guests. The host does a fantastic job of getting information from the guest without taking over the conversation. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one!

Fascinating and smart

This will be a great show! It’s clearly new, but so far I’m enjoying the vibes and interviews. The host is engaging and invitational. Great job!

Wonderful podcast

Love how natural the conversations are. Nicole knows how to draw out a profound conversation from her guests. I enjoyed learning from Mandy Lee about her success as a TikTok influencer, the Ups and downs of social media and about trends in fashion.

Interesting mix of guests

Really insightful episode with Madie Hays about the world of a set designer. Smart questions. Good flow. Easy to listen to.

Good variety

I really like the variety of guests on this show, definitely features perspectives I would not have heard about otherwise. Impressed by how in-depth the episodes get about the topics!

Highly recommend

Multitudes is such a thought-provoking and engaging podcast! The podcast feels sort of like listening in on a conversation with friends. The host does a great job of drawing out interesting details and anecdotes and exploring many layers of nuance with the different guests. Highly recommend for people looking to check out different perspectives and hear from people they might otherwise not have