March 30, 2023

The Beautiful Thing About Dreaming with Tara Rin Burke (Part II)

The Beautiful Thing About Dreaming with Tara Rin Burke (Part II)
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Discover the multitude of ways that dreaming is beautiful in this fascinating conversation, where we connect dreaming to social justice, tarot, ancestral work, collective dreaming, the linearity of time and more. 

This is Part II of my conversation with Tara Rin Burke of The Witches Muse & Co-Creatrix of the Dreamscapes Academy Collective. 

Check out Part I (EPS 07) to find out more about Tara, their background, and introduction to dreamwork. 

1:54 | Dreamscapes Academy

9:07 | Jungian Psychology Around Dreamwork

13:41 | Tarot and Dreamwork

18:30 | Ancestral Work and Dreaming

23:02 | Collective Dreaming

26:46 | Linearity of Time

28:23 | 2023 Chariot Card in Tarot

31:26 | How to Work and Connect with Tara

32:40 | Stop Hating by adrienne maree brown 


Poem: Stop Hating, by adrienne maree brown from Emergent Strategy

Music: Movement of the Unknown by William Claeson

Where to Find Tara:
Instagram: @thewitchesmuse
The Witches Muse

Check out Dreamscapes Academy:
Instagram: @dreamscapesacademy
Dreamscapes Academy

You can find me at:
Instagram: @multitudes.podcast